What if there was an easier, faster & better way to get  Mortgages & Insurance?

The Old Way…..

Mortgages in minutes…

We take processes that can take weeks and do them in minutes.

No more delay, no more downtime, no more disappointment.

Approvals in as fast as 7 minutes

Let’s Try a new Way!

Save weeks of time with

  • Less meetings…
  • 7 minute application…
  • Self-Driving: clients submit documents on their phone or computer…
  • Automated processing, applications are reviewed via AI & machine reading, less advisor time required…
  • Packaged and sent to banks in seconds…
  • Rapid approval in principle based on bank calculators…
  • Compliance and regulation built in…

You’re In Good Hands

Our system is built to work with…

What Is OnlineApplication.ie

We wanted to make a faster, easier and better way for everyone to deal with financial products. So we focused hard on removing to pain points of the application process with a broker oriented solution so that customers could get more choice.


Reduce time and manual applications. Speed up approval times and make process transparent.

Mortgage Brokers

Remove need for multiple platform logins and create a single point of access for better advice and faster loans.


Remove inefficiencies & regulatory processing. Speed up underwriting to create faster income, margin and returns.

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The Competitive Advantages in Different Areas


Easily Deployed. Cloud Software. Fast Acquisition.


Fast Customer Acquisition. More Income. Lower Your Costs.


Do more with less. More scale. Self Driving.


Competitively priced solution. Industry expert. Growth Market.